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Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret ;-)

welcome 2 jann.de

arrival - photos and more

this slider continues some of my photos: look into the eyes of my daughter, watch the oldest house of Oldenburg... .

  • my daughter
  • our house
  • got a brand new car
  • snail race
  • upside down

assist - hobbies & infos


clever tanken in OL


ability - digital & real life


activity - music and more media

that means videos and apps like clips and flash applications. have fun!

Janns Video

EWE Baskets, DBB-Pokalsieger 2015


Gezwitscher von Jann


best rap ever ;-)

Can you blow my whistle baby 2nd by unknown artist on GoAnimate

advance - join forces with jann

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bloherfelder Str. 74, 26129 oldenburg i.o./germany

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